Work with Mountain Partnership

The Mountain Partnership envisions by 2030 a world with empowered mountain communities and increased public and private sector commitment and investment in sustainable mountain development to address the climate and biodiversity crises in mountains and ensure social and economic livelihood and well-being of mountain people leaving no one behind as well as the conservation and sustainable use of mountain ecosystems and resources, for the benefit of people and planet.

Zero Water Day Partnership supporting Mountain Partnership
(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

About the Mountain Partnership 

The “The Mountain Partnership” brings countries, groups and organizations together to work towards a common goal: to improve the lives of mountain peoples and protect mountain environments around the world.

It does this by tapping the wealth and diversity of resources, knowledge (including traditional knowledge), information and expertise of its members to stimulate concrete action on the ground that will bring positive change in mountain areas.

MP work is organized under four main pillars: 1. Advocacy, 2. Joint Action 3. Capacity Development and 4. Communications

ZWDP featured in Mountain Partnership Reports 2020 and 2021

Mountain Partnership (MP) Annual Report 2021

The MP 2021 Report featured the virtual side event at COP26 Climate Change Summit 2021 which launched the Children’s Call to Action to protect mountain areas against the impact of climate change.

Read the entry on MP 2021 Report, page 23

Reference FAO. 2022. Mountain Partnership Secretariat – Annual Report 2021. Rome

Mountain Partnership (MP) Annual Report 2020

The MP 2021 Report featured a ‘spotlight on members’ section. Zero Water Day Partnership is a member of the Mountain Partnership and works to support the 

Read the entry on MP 2020, page 32

Reference FAO. 2022. Mountain Partnership Secretariat – Annual Report 2021. Rome